Ashley Castillote, CPM, MSM, CLE

Founder, Certified Professional Midwife, Birth Photographer, Childbirth and Lactation Educator, & Placenta Specialist

My name is Ashley. Apart from being a midwife, I am also a birth doula, birth photographer, placenta encapsulator, childbirth and lactation educator, & birth assistant.

After having a negative experience with providers following the loss of my first pregnancy, I was determined to have a better experience when I became pregnant the second time with my daughter. This was when I first became introduced to midwifery. My midwives advocated for me during my birth and held my hand throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum journey. I’ve heard so many traumatic birth stories from friends and family members and felt so deeply that a positive birth story like mine should not be an anomaly. Thus, a midwife was born! In 2020, I started the midwifery program at Bastyr University and just graduated in June 2023. Before midwifery, I worked as a CNA for many years, worked towards being an RN, and also dabbled in childbirth education and doula work. In addition to my program, I also studied herbal medicine and am working towards becoming a lactation consultant. I’m glad that I’ve found my passion in midwifery and hope to provide safe, supportive, and exceptional care to all individuals regardless of their race, beliefs, social status, sexual orientation or identity.

I have had the utmost privilege of gaining both midwifery and lactation experience at my first clinic site with Northshore Midwives in Kenmore. I have also worked with Lake Washington Midwives at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland and Foothills Midwifery in Enumclaw. As of December 2023, I have supported 100+ families!

When I’m not at a birth, you’ll catch me crocheting, drawing, reading, studying or making herbal medicine, or caring for my bunnies. I reside in Federal Way with my 4 year old daughter Niyomi, my husband Devin, and my grandpa. I am Filipino and Chinese and proudly join the small collective of Asian and Pacific Islander birth workers in Washington State!

Additional Team Members:

Devin Castillote

Office Administration & Concierge

Devin is Ashley's husband who has helped in supporting her career in birth work. He manages billing and office administration. Apart from his work with Metamorphosis Birth Services, Devin is a Community Corrections Officer (CCO) and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Central Washington University.

Annette Duncan

Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, & Placenta Specialist

Annette is a compassionate and dedicated professional with a strong background in providing care and support to postpartum mothers and children. With a career spanning over 30 years in caregiving roles, Annette brings a warm and nurturing approach that positively impacts those she serves.

Her journey in caregiving began in 2000 when she served as a Caregiver/Head of Shift at the Society of St. Vincent De Paul's - Cyril Ross Nursery until 2002. In this role, she supervised children, administered medication, and prioritized their well-being.

Annette's career continued to flourish as she joined the Society of St. Vincent De Paul - Audrey Mollineau Half-Way House (AMHWH) in 2002, where she has been dedicated to the well-being of residents for nearly two decades. In her role as Manager, Annette conducted assessments and interviews for potential residents, creating a safe and welcoming environment. She also managed various administrative tasks, including employee requests, payroll, and medical records.

Beyond administration, Annette personally administered medication, offered financial counseling, and organized rehabilitation activities, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining a well-staffed and secure environment.

Annette's commitment to her own growth is evident through her earned certificates in Human Resource Management (2019), Supervisory Management (2016), and Caregiving (2009).

With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Annette is well-prepared to be a valuable asset for postpartum mothers and children in need of nurturing and support.