Ashley Marasigan Castillote, MSM, CLE

Hello, I'm Ashley and I’m a graduate of Bastyr University’s Master of Science in Midwifery program. I am also a certified lactation educator, childbirth educator, birth assistant, and birth doula. I look forward to supporting families in other ways outside of midwifery while I work on licensure and await the NARM exam. Here is a little bit on how I got called into birthwork:

After having a negative experience with providers following the loss of my first pregnancy, I was determined to have a better experience when I became pregnant the second time with my daughter. This was when I first became introduced to midwifery. My midwives advocated for me during my birth and held my hand throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum journey. I’ve heard so many traumatic birth stories from friends and family members and felt so deeply that a positive birth story like mine should not be an anomaly. Thus, a midwife was born! In 2020, I started the Master of Science in Midwifery program at Bastyr University and just graduated June 2023. I’ve known that I wanted to be in healthcare since I was a child and pursued pre-med and nursing school, but it never seemed to be the right fit. Before midwifery, I worked as a CNA for many years and also dabbled in childbirth education and doula work. In addition to my program, I also study herbal medicine and am a Certified Lactation Educator hoping to eventually become a lactation consultant. I’m glad that I’ve found my passion in midwifery and hope to provide safe, supportive, and exceptional care to all individuals regardless of their race, beliefs, social status, sexual orientation or identity.

I have had the utmost privilege of gaining both midwifery and lactation experience at my first clinical rotation at Northshore Midwives in Kenmore, WA. After a year with them, I got placed with Lake Washington Midwives at the Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, WA where I took on primary roles as their senior student before switching to Foothills Midwifery & the Birth Cottage in Enumclaw, WA. In my last year of my Master's program, I've also been doing placenta encapsulation and lactation education. I have supported 75+ families so far!

When I’m not attending births, you’ll catch me crocheting, drawing, reading, studying, caring for my bunnies, or chasing after my 4 year old daughter, Niyomi! I reside in Federal Way with her and my husband and grandpa. I proudly identify as a Filipino and Chinese woman and hope to travel after graduation to learn more about my roots and culture.